Why Us?

Family-Owned, Efficient and Consistent since 1998.

Customers continue to hire us becuase of our good reputation, and solid work ethic. If your on the fence considering to hire a cleaning service, please consider the following about our company:

  • We are a family owned, and family-centered as a company.
  • We are trusted exclusively by dozens of local small businesses and homes, with references available.
  • We are experienced, with the majority of our employees having been with us for many years.
  • We are knowledgable. We know what cleaning solutions should be used per scenario, and what the dangers they can impose not used correctly.
  • We refuse to franchise. Other cleaning companies simply sell themselves off to the highest bidder, totally disregarding quality control.

We're Environment Friendly

Quality Janitorial uses Legacy of Clean products. These are a premium, organic cleaning product that don't irritate or skin- or the planet. By hiring us you not only create a cleaner workplace, you leave a smaller environmental footprint in the process!

Call Us Today at 206.226.2296. You Won't Regret It!